Hi there! I’m Lauren!


Married to the hottest guy. Mama to the cutest girl. Full-time foodie, part-time crossfitter.

Obsessions include: bulletproof coffee, fall, health food store shopping + dreaming big.

9 years ago: I had painful and embarrassing adult acne, I had disordered eating patterns and thoughts about food, I didn't know how to cook and at times I had little to no self esteem.

Today: My skin is clearer, I broke up with those disordered eating patterns + thoughts, I cook healthy + delicious meals and I honor and respect the power that is my body.

So how did I go from where I was then to where I am now?

I researched, I studied, I practiced, I immersed myself in the world of healthy eating + habits, and I went deep and worked on my issues. I changed my perspective and began to see food as fuel and something that my body needs to be strong, healthy + vibrant. I decided that I would eat and live in a way that was nourishing and honored my body + health. When I began to see food as fuel and exercise as something I was blessed to enjoy, everything changed. No longer was it a prize or punishment.

So, how ‘bout you?

Do you eat + live in a way that honors your mind, body + soul? Do you feel strong, healthy + vibrant? Are you kind of clueless when it comes to what foods are healthy and how to cook a nourishing meal? Do you over exercise to try to lose weight and be fit? Or, do you refuse to even try exercising because you think you have to do things that you hate or you can’t find the motivation? Do you know how to navigate a food store and stay on track with your goals? Do you have a goal or dream but have no idea how to reach it?

Friend..I bet that 9 years ago, I answered those questions the very same way as you! And that is why I do what I do. I want to help you overcome the obstacles that are in your way of feeling amazing. I want to help you to realize your potential and create action steps that will launch you toward your goals. I want to take the stress + confusion out of living a healthy lifestyle. I want to walk alongside of you and guide you so you can finally live your best life!

Does this sound like something you need and deserve? Ummm, YES!

In that case, I would love to talk with you and get to know you! So go on, book your first session with me! It’s on the house, boo. Just email me at LCristHHC@gmail.com and say hi!

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