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one time wellness consultation

This sesh is best for you if you just want to fine tune your healthy lifestyle and you’re motivated to make change without support.

What's included:

This service includes an extensive food and lifestyle review, a one hour consult and written recommendations and resources. Note: this does not include unlimited communication after consult.

health coaching sessions (3 months)

This is my recommendation for you if you have some health issues going on that need to be looked into. This isn’t a one time phone call and then me sending you on your way. This is me helping you get to the bottom of your health concern and what is causing it and then coming up with realistic, low-stress lifestyle suggestions to help you overcome it.

What's included:

This service includes an extensive food and lifestyle review, a one hour consult each month, unlimited email support and written recommendations and resources to help the client reach their goals.

brainstorm sesh

This option is for anyone who is not interested in an extensive review but would like to discuss ongoing health issues or ways to improve existing methods of self care.

What's included:

Includes a brief intake and a one hour consult plus emailed resources.

*NEW Pregnancy prep

A 4 week educational experience where we will chat all things prepping for pregnancy! We will talk about the phases of your cycle and how to nourish your mind and body during each phase, what to look for in a prenatal, safe movement, stress perception, food + lifestyle changes for a healthy pregnancy and how to reduce toxins in your home!

What’s included:

Weekly phone calls and an email with all of my favorite resources

grocery store tour

There is so much confusion today about what it means to eat healthy. With all of the different labels and tricky marketing it can be super confusing to know what you should really look for while food shopping and what is actually good for your body. Being an informed consumer is very important if you plan on taking back your health into your own hands but it can be overwhelming with all of the conflicting things you hear in the media, through friends/family and what's trending. Let me help you squash the confusion and overwhelm by taking you on a grocery store tour. Together, we will navigate the isles and discuss options that are good for you! This tour runs for one hour and is only available to those who are close to Point Pleasant, NJ.